TDP Mineral Lamp Therapy

There are only a few ways to add Qi to the body: breathing, eating, moxibustion, an energetic healer, and the TDP Mineral Lamp. If your body is aging because you "burn the candle at both ends" or live with too much stress, you are depleting your Qi. The TDP lamp feels much like basking in the warm sunshine without need for sunscreen! It's the familiar bliss of a nap in the sun which chases away the blues, and invigorates the spirit.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Your treatment involves the application of mid, low, or high octave Ohm tuning forks to specific acupressure points, in accordance with the principles of Asian medicine, to activate vital energy centers. High octave tuning forks are used to sweep the energetic field that surrounds your body. A crystal singing bowl beneath the treatment table is periodically struck like a gong to clear and open your Heart chakra (F tone). The cells of the wood in the table acts as a resonating chamber to harmonize and enhance the treatment while ambient music utilizing the same Earth tones wraps you in the soothing sounds of nature.

Qi Gong Healing

Energetic healing is often a component of treatment while the needles are inserted, retained as you are resting on the treatment table, or as they are removed. Qi Gong techniques are used to manually move energy, deliver & tonify Qi, and drain emotional or energetic blockages which have contributed to the physical patterns. 


Cupping therapy has been used by healers all over the world for more than 5,000 years. There are several styles, but the most beneficial method is called Twinkling. A small flame is inserted into a glass cup, and then the flame is quickly withdrawn as the cup is placed on the affected area of the body. The flame feeds on the oxygen in the cup creating a vacuum suction effect. The resulting negative pressure allows toxins, lymph, bodily wastes, and stagnant blood to be cleared away while simultaneously increasing circulation of blood & nutrients to the site, to stimulate healing . In the case of respiratory conditions, cupping helps to loosen phlegm & open the chest. Also popular, as it feels similar to a deep tissue massage, is Moving Cups. The  skin is treated with, warming oils and, once suction is achieved, a single cup is moved along the large muscles of the back and shoulders. This is a fabulous treatment for anyone suffering from chronic back pain.


Moxa is a material created from  aged Mugwort, which is ignited and burned a few centimeters above various acupoints or regions of the body. It creates a deep, penetrating heat which stimulates the flow of Qi & Blood, and relieves pain. Moxa is made in many forms, but most commonly it is used as a cigar waved over the skin, or else small cones of moxa are used in conjunction with the needle. It is an incredibly relaxing experience, and the properties of the moxa itself provide for increased energy and longevity It is particularly famous for its use in turning breach presentation babies in the womb. This is best done in conjunction with ultrasound to insure the umbilical cord remains in a safe postition.

Herbal Medicine

In some cases, acupuncture alone is not enough and herbal medicine must be added to strengthen the body, or defeat a stubborn pathogen. Food is the original medicine and often dietary recommendations can make tremendous difference in recovery & health maintenance. Many precious pharmaceuticals have been derived from herbs. For example, aspirin was developed from a compound found in willow bark. Everything we require to be healthy is provided for in Nature. And the traditional Chinese herbal formulas have been in use for hundreds of years, their functions meticulously documented, and their actions carefully balanced to eliminate side effects when properly prescribed.


Heather uses premium herbal formulas from the Evergreen Herbs company, located here in Southern California, responsibly sourced and tested for safety and efficacy. 

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