Qi Gong Healing


Energetic healing is often a component of treatment while the needles are inserted, retained as you are resting on the treatment table, or as they are removed. Qi Gong techniques are used to manually move energy, deliver & tonify Qi, and drain emotional or energetic blockages which have contributed to the physical patterns. You may hear a very specific breath sound from Heather while this is happening, or other spontaneous sounds such as tones, hums, or throat clearing. Please, do not be alarmed. During treatment, Heather operates similar to a grounding wire or conduit for energies to pass back and forth between you and the Earth (the larger body of which you, like the cells in your own body, are apart). 


Heather is empathic, clairsentient and clairvoyant which often adds an additional layer of insight to your treatment. In a shamanic fashion, she operates as a Gateway or mediator between states of consciousness and their manifestations. Visions are usually activated by physical touch, and are most often symbolic, though occasionally quite literal. She is also able to discern by touch the locations of acupuncture points and the vibrations of Qi at and just above the surface of the skin which provides for a highly effective treatment. Additionally, if Heather is draining an emotional blockage linked to a specific acupuncture point, she will feel that emotion as if it were her own. You will likely not feel the emotion yourself, but after your treatment you will notice a refreshing lightness. 


Heather offers a unique approach to medicine which is rooted in Transformation and the psychospiritual processes of Death & Rebirth. The roots of Asian medicine are in Taoist Alchemy which, while concerned with vitality and longevity, was also focused on the processes of obtaining a higher mental & spiritual level. Our spirits are continually refined in the crucible of Life, in accordance with the choices we make, and the relationships we cultivate. Patients are often drawn to seek Heather out when they are approaching a crossroads, and ripe for major life changes. Heather gently holds the door for those who are ready to cross the threshold.



"The energy of life entering and leaving your body flows evenly throughout the universe. With that current, the mind of the cosmos communicates with all things."

- Ilchi Lee-

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"I saw the angel in the marble & carved until I set him free"-Michaelangelo